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More comments from past participants:

"“I believe knowledge is the key in fighting MST…If more soldiers knew about this (program), then they could get help sooner.  (I want them) to know they are not alone and there is support.” 

“Thank you for your efforts in turning my life around.  I have faith now that my life will be as it should have been.  I’ve gotten hope back.  It truly does work.”

"I became more in touch with my emotions and recognizing my patterns and feelings”

“Wonderful experience, I am so glad I did it.  I learned so much!”

 “Thank you for this program. I have been able to make positive changes that will stay with me for the rest of my life.” 

“I still have a long way to go, but I feel like doing this (program) helped and was truly a first step in my healing process.”

“You’ve helped me immensely, by healing from the inside out!"

“This experience has completely changed my life.  Thank you!”

"Excellent useful program! I got a lot of valuable information and tools for life!”

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*Please note:  Dr. Katz and the Renew program are no longer at  Long Beach.

New York Times

Renew graduates share their stories

Comments from past participants:

"I know now that I can conquer anything I put my heart and mind to.  This (program) has saved my broken life.”

“You are never too old to get help for the traumas you’ve suffered!  I was scared when I finally went for help after 40 years. This program works!”

"It (this program) was enlightening, a real eye-opener. It was more than I expected. I loved it."
·       Coping with feelings
·       Nightmares and sleep
·       Triggers and anxiety
·       Anger and resentment
·       Understanding trauma
·       Defining relationship patterns
·       Guilt, self-blame, and shame
·       Losses and grief
·       Healthy intimate relationships
·       Effective communication
·       Meaning, purpose, and joy

Warrior Renew is the only treatment specifically designed to address the unique aspects of MST... including  injustice, betrayal, isolation, self-blame, shame, resentment, relationship issues, healthy sexuality, and distrust, as well as anxiety, triggers, nightmares, and sleep difficulties. 

You are not alone!

A review of 21 studies found women Veterans reported MST rates of harassment from 55% to 70% and rates of sexual assault from 11% to 48% (Goldzweig, Balekian, Rolon, Yano, & Shekelle, 2006). 

Step 1. Select a design
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Step 2:  Assess training needs

Do you want training for your staff on MST or on implementing Warrior Renew?

Step 3:  Get materials
Step 4:  Monitor Progress

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Interview of Renew graduates

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Story of a Renew graduate

     The Warrior Renew program embraces the philosophy that everyone has natural instincts or “inner wisdom” that guides them towards health. 

     This is NOT an exposure-based treatment.  Participants will not be asked to share their stories nor will they be asked to listen to other people’s trauma stories. 

      Instead, Warrior Renew focuses on empowering participants with understanding, skills, and new ways to think about what has happened. 

Warrior Renew is transformative, effective, and yet gentle.

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Healing from Military Sexual Trauma

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