Warrior Renew

Healing from Military Sexual Trauma

Holographic Reprocessing: A cognitive-experiential psychotherapy for the treatment of trauma is a text book and clinicians guide to understanding and implementing Holographic Reprocessing.  It covers the theoretical foundation for the treatment and how to practice it as an individual psychotherapy.  It also addresses applications for couples and family therapy.

Treating Military Sexual Trauma is a text book with contributions from top researcher and clinicians in the field.  The first section is about Understanding MST: covering the history or MST, military cultural factors, attachment and neurobiology, and betrayal trauma,  The next section is about treatments for MST including affect management, sleep, Seeking safety for MST and substance abuse, Cognitive processing and Prolonged exposure, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Acceptance and Commitment, healthy sexuality, and Warrior Renew.  The third section is on psychotherapeutic issues including burn out, vicarious trauma, and third party issues.  The epilogue addresses how to move forward after treatment of MST. 

Warrior Renew: Healing from Military Sexual Trauma is the only workbook of its kind to treatment MST.  It can be used as a guide for  group therapy -- with topics, lessons,  experiential exercises, and journalling topics.




Warrior Renew: Healing from Military Sexual Trauma, Facilitator’s Handbook
Includes the following: Overview of program, Facilitator guidance, Assessment, Admission criteria, Schedules, Policies and Procedures, Application forms, Final exam

Training can range from a 1-hour presentation to a 2-day clinician training to any combination in between.  If you are interested in training, please contact us and we will discuss training options at your site. 
Topics for training:

  "Understanding and treating Military Sexual Trauma”
“Warrior Renew Program”
“Holographic Reprocessing”
"Women Veterans and mental health"


Consultation is also available. This time can be used for new program development, curriculum development, material development to address certain populations or to fit specifications of your site, or weekly phone call consultation to assist with initial implementation and case conferences.  A written contract would reflect the details of our consultation agreement prior to the consultation.